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Wasps & Wasp Nest Removal

Wasps are an important part of the ecosystem and can be helpful to gardeners by removing caterpillars to feed their young. The adults however, have a preference for sweet foods, which can cause them to become a problem when the nests are mature in the late summer months.

Unlike bees, wasps will sting with very little provocation, and killing wasps can incite more stings from other wasps nearby. Consequently, wasps nests indoors, or near entrances to buildings can be a serious hazard.

Wasp nests can be dangerous, particularly to those with severe allergic reactions to wasp stings. Avoid disturbing wasp & hornet nests as this is more likely to cause them to attack. Panicking behaviour, waving arms around is also likely to agitate wasps. If the nest is in an inconvenient location, such as next to your doors, windows, or inside your home or workplace, the wasp’s nest can be safely removed by Aquadri pest control.

Wasp control and wasp nest removal.

Wasp’s nests can be in trees or bushes, inside lofts and other spaces in buildings, or even underground. Because they are easily aggravated one should always call a professional pest control company like Aquadri for removal of wasp nests. Solutions to wasp nest problems can include:

  • Insecticidal powder – which can be applied around or the entrance to the nest. Workers then carry the powder into nest.
  • Insecticide spray – which is applied directly on to the nest or entrance holes when it’s concealed.
  • Smoke ‘bombs’ can also be used in some circumstances, if in a confined space such as an attic.

Wasp pest control including wasp nest removal in Bath by Aquadri is second to non; give us a call today.

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