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American & Brown Cockroaches (Periplaneta americana & Supella longipalpa)

Adult American cockroaches are reddish-brown to dark brown (except for a tan or light yellow band around the shield behind the head); about 25 – 40mm long, they have wings capable of flight.

American cockroaches are often found in damp sewers and basements, in heating ducts under hospitals etc. They can be transported into homes in boxes from infested premises. Egg capsules protrude from the body before being deposited prior to hatching. One egg capsule is formed each week until 6 to 14 have been produced.

Adult brown-banded cockroaches are about 15mm in length. The species is similar in appearance to the German Cockroach but have two light, yellow-brown bands that run across their body, giving the cockroach its name. The bands are much easier to see on the nymphs because they lack wings to obscure them.

Brown-banded cockroaches are found in all parts of the home, and seem to prefer hiding places off the floor. The insects prefer a warmer environment than German cockroaches and are therefore not as common in the UK.

As with all the cockroach species, a combination of cockroach traps, gels and residual insecticides is the main approach. The effectiveness of the various residual insecticide formulations may be enhanced by using them in conjunction with insecticides applied as ULVs, mists, fogs or aerosols.

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